Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences

Certificate Course Online. This is an intensive (6) week, professional development course and will require between 2-6 hours of additional homework and reading time outside of the weekly Instructor-led, Live Let's Chat! sessions. Limited capacity. Registration will close once capacity is met- so sign-up early!

  • Course Fee: $415 reg. price (+ applicable taxes & fees) / (6) Weeks / Instructor-Led Live Sessions each week

  • Course Starts: January 30th - March 12th, 2024 / One Week Break Built into Course

  • Course Length: 6 Weeks intensive work with weekly check-ins through instructor-led live sessions. *No live class during the week of February 20th

  • Live Sessions: Held on Tuesday evenings from 5:00pm - 7:00pm (PST). *Live sessions are not required and will be recorded. But participation is highly recommended, as you only get out of it what you put in to it!

  • Before you begin: Make sure that you are ready to dive into world of themed entertainment and dedicate your time to your course work!

  • All lessons must be marked complete and assignments submitted

  • Upon completion of Course, you receive your Essential Art Department Certificate

Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences- session starts January 30th!

A (6) week intensive course with Instructor-led Live Sessions. Order early and get prepared to go in deep to the experience design world!

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Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences

From Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative to Meow Wolf and Punkdrunk, Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences is about creating immersive worlds for guests to step into and explore the extraordinary. But what goes into creating these immersive-themed experiences we know and love? In this course, we will take a look at the grand scope of the themed entertainment industry, how an experience is developed from the story through concept and production, and how you can develop compelling designs of your own to create thought-provoking experiences.

We can help guide you through one of the most industry demanding collaborative departments, the Art and Design department. Entertainment creation, inspiration and resources at your fingertips, taught by industry professionals passionate about their work. Now, let's get your coursework started!

Join us for an Ambassador Series course. We want you to keep your skillsets ready to go for themed creative writing project! Only $415 (+ applicable taxes & fees) for an intensive (6) weeks of instruction and interaction. 

That is only $69.00 per week, for a college level course designed for young professionals, students of varied age levels or any individual just wanting to brush up on industry knowledge.  

This is your intensive (6) week Ambassador Course into the exciting and creative world of designing for themed entertainment and experiences. This course will help familiarize you with the production design process and how it works with other departments to help tell a story and immerse guests in an experience. You will have access to downloadable handouts, live webinars, online classroom activities, access to network building skills and many more resources to help you navigate a rewarding career within a Creative/Art department.

Through this course, students will better understand the process behind production design and the creative process for themed experiences. Students will become familiar with the themed entertainment industry and learn how the immersive experiences they visit derived from story and design intent.

Additionally, students will learn how they can use their skills and apply them toward a successful career within the entertainment industry.

Each course will have a (6) week schedule that will be available to you week by week. At the beginning of each week, you will have access to the entire course content for that week, and you will be able to navigate it at your own pace. Yes! That's right, we said at your own pace

During your (6) week course session, take your time and learn at your own pace. We know life gets in the way sometimes, and by allowing students to access the resources and course content ahead of time and without time pressures, it is our thinking that it should allow for more volume of quality questions to brought up at the end. 

We want Any and All questions! Don't be shy, we are here for YOU!

During each week, there will be a live, instructor led, Let's Talk! Series where we will go over all the content for the week, look at assignments that may have been turned in and the instructors will be answering your questions, in real-time.

The content from the week stays accessible to you the student, for the entire session of the course, so you will always have the opportunity to go back to prior weeks to review information or download handouts as needed. 

It is our hope that the course content will inspire you to dive into this crazy industry, and become an Essential part of any creative department. We expect you to have fun while taking the course, because even though it is packed with information and resources, you should still be enjoying every moment of it! 

Taught by industry professionals you will be given rare insight into the inner workings of some of the most famous Entertainment projects around town. And you will get to hear some amazing, funny, sad and true stories from behind the scenes as well!

T.E.A.D., while teaching this coursework virtually because of the current state of the world due to the current pandemic, is hoping that in the near future, the coursework will continue with a dual approach to learning, through virtual based as well as in-person, hands-on experiential learning.

The Essential Art Department offers a Full Refund (Minus applicable fees & taxes) policy on all courses, good up until one week (7 days) prior to the course start date that you are signed up for. After (7) days before the beginning of the course, NO REFUNDS will be granted (except by administration consent.)   Please see our Terms & Conditions for any questions. 

Check out a preview of the course curriculum below and check back often for the next session to begin. Follow your passion for all things Creative in the Entertainment Industry!

Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences Sample Curriculum

This is a great sampling of the subject matter that you will experience within all of our Ambassador Course offerings.Your course may not have all the chapters shown below, or may be comprised of more chapters.

    1. How to Navigate Your Student Course Site

    1. Welcome to Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences - Please introduce yourself!

    1. Introduction to the Course and Overview

    2. Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences / Full Course Syllabus

    3. Overview / Q&A Section

    1. Week 1 Overview

    2. DTEE-01 / Spring '24 / Live Session Week 1 / Tuesdays (5-7pm/ PST)

    3. What is Themed Entertainment?

    4. Getting Start in the Industry

    5. Finding Your Place

    6. Where do you think you fit in? (Survey)

    7. The Project Pipeline

    8. Understanding Who We Design For

    9. Cart Prompt

    10. Week 1 Cart Assignment Overview

    11. Pre-Class Feedback!

    12. Additional Viewing and Resources

    13. Recorded Lecture: Let's Talk! Series / Week 1

    1. Week 2 Overview

    2. DTEE-01 / Spring '24 / Live Session - Week 2 / Tuesday, February 6th (5-7pm/ PST)

    3. Storytelling in Themed Entertainment

    4. Keeping the Story Simple

    5. Theme vs Story

    6. The Guest's Role

    7. The Status Quo

    8. Keeping It Simple Lab Assignment

    9. Best/Worst Examples

    10. Week Two Additional Viewing Resources

    11. Week 2 Pre-Class Feedback!

    12. Personal Project: Themed Cart Story Development

    13. Recorded Lecture: Let's Talk! Series / Week 2

    1. Week 3 Overview

    2. DTEE-01 / Spring '24 / Live Session - Week 3 / Tuesday, February 13th (5-7pm/ PST)

    3. A Holistic Experience - Overview

    4. Case Study: Main Street USA

    5. Creative Exercise: Breakdown an experience

    6. Designing For Form

    7. Area Development and Placemaking

    8. All in the Details

    9. Mood Boards

    10. Lab: Cart Design Mood board

    11. Week Three Additional Viewing Resources

    12. Week 3 Pre-Class Feedback!

    13. Recorded Lecture: Let's Talk! Series / Week 3

About this course

  • $415.00
  • 84 lessons
  • 6 Weeks of Course Work

Meet Your Instructor- Justin Martin

Justin Martin

Ambassador Instructor

Since graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Production Design and Themed Entertainment Design in 2015, Justin has gone on to work for some of the most creative experience design groups in themed entertainment. From Thinkwell Group, Universal Creative, and Meow Wolf, Justin's body of work spans all areas of the themed entertainment industry. Recently, Justin served as the Art Director bringing to life Meow Wolf's Convergence Station in Denver, CO and now currently works as the Sr. Art Director for ocVIBE Sports and Entertainment, designing a 90-acre next-generation entertainment complex coming to the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Ever since a young age, Justin always wanted to work in themed entertainment, building models of attractions, sketching out new show ideas, and dreaming up what the next big idea would be, and ultimately he would go on to make those dreams a reality. While working a full-time job as an Art Director, Justin enjoys giving back to the new age of talent coming into the industry, hoping to guide the next generation of designers on how to jumpstart a successful career doing what they love.

Designing for Themed Entertainment and Experiences

Session starts January 30th! $415 / (6) Weeks Limited capacity.