SketchUp for Storytellers / Level 1

Certificate Course Online. This is an intensive (6) week, professional development course and will require between 2-6 hours of additional homework and reading time outside of the weekly Instructor-led, Live Let's Chat! sessions. Limited capacity. Registration will close once capacity is met- so sign-up early!

  • Course Fee: $415 reg. price (+ applicable taxes & fees) / (6) Weeks / Instructor-Led Live Sessions each week

  • Payment Option: Split your payments into (2) easy payments. Total amount due within 60 days of original sign-up date. Just choose the payment option button.

  • SketchUp Pro 2023 is REQUIRED for this class! A discounted 1-year license is available for enrolled students (details below).

  • Course Starts: March 20th - May 1st, 2024 / One Week Break Built into Course

  • Course Length: 6 Weeks intensive work with weekly check-ins through instructor-led live sessions. *No live class during the week of April 17th

  • Live Sessions: Held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm - 8:00pm (PST). *Live sessions are also recorded for days you can not attend

  • Upon completion of Course, you will receive your Essential Art Department course certificate

  • Course access will be open for students for (1) full calendar year from the official course open date. Revisit your platform often to brush up on techniques or review videos or download those valuable resource handouts!

Course Requirements

  • Computer or Laptop

    iPads and tablets will not be sufficient for this course & it's software. A dedicated desktop computer or laptop, with a mouse, is needed. A second monitor is recommended if possible.

  • SketchUp Pro

    SketchUp Pro 2023 is REQUIRED for this course. A discounted 1-year student license is available for all enrolled students for just $55 (normally $349)!

  • Measuring Tape

    A tape measure of at least 10' will be needed for various exercises and assignments.

SKPST - 1 / Spring '24 / Payment Options

Buy now and reserve your spot! Limited capacity. Fall in Session Soon! Starts in March 2024! Also, check out our new payment option and split your total into (2) easy payments.

SketchUp for Storytellers- Spring session starts March 20!

A (6) week intensive course with Instructor-led Live Sessions. Order early and get prepared to go in deep to the SketchUp world!!

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SketchUp for Storytellers- Level 1

Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of three-dimensional creativity with our SketchUp for Storytellers class! Unlock the power of your imagination as you learn to mold digital spaces and bring your wildest design dreams to life. From architectural wonders to fantastical landscapes, this immersive course will equip you with the essential tools and techniques to navigate SketchUp's intuitive interface. Join us on this imaginative adventure, where the only limit is your imagination!

Are you ready to add a whole new dimension to your creative toolkit? Whether you're an aspiring set designer, a budding environment artist, or just a curious individual- this course will revolutionize the  way you bring your ideas to life!  Entertainment creation, inspiration and resources at your fingertips, taught by industry professionals passionate about their work. 

Only $415 for an intensive (6) weeks of instruction and interaction. That is only about $69 per week, for a college level course designed for young professionals, students of varied age levels or any individual just wanting to brush up on industry knowledge.  

This is your intensive (6) week course into the world of 3D modeling! This course will help familiarize you with the interface and tools of SketchUp Pro. You will have access to downloadable handouts, live webinars, online classroom activities, access to network building skills and many more resources to help you.

Please Note:  This class requires SketchUp Pro 2023* for desktop. Students must have this software downloaded and ready to use before the first live session class.

*For those in need of 2023 SketchUp Pro, we are thrilled to be able to offer a student discount!  In partnership with Creation Engine, enrolled students will be able to purchase the SketchUp Studio for Students 1-year License (US & Canada) for just $55! SketchUp Pro normally retails at $255 /year. 

SketchUp Studio for Students includes:

·      SketchUp Pro 2023: SketchUp’s desktop modeler

·      LayOut: Present your work in 2D

·      PreDesign: Enhance your design research

·      Style Builder: Create custom sketchy-edge styles

·      SketchUp for Web: SketchUp’s core 3D modeler accessible on the web

·      3D Warehouse: A web-based 3D model library with millions of free user-created models

·      Extension Warehouse: A library of custom third-party extensions for SketchUp Pro

·      Sefaira: Building performance analysis for the early stages of design

·      Trimble Connect: Cloud storage and collaboration platform

·      Mobile Viewer: Review 3D models on mobile or tablet devices

·      Mixed Reality (XR) Viewer: Augmented and virtual reality viewing of SketchUp models

·      SketchUp Campus: SketchUp’s official online learning guide

·      SketchUp for iPad: Sketch, mark up, and collaborate in 3D anywhere.

Details and instructions to obtaining this discounted license will be provided to students upon enrollment.

Each course will have a (6) week schedule that will be available to you week by week. At the beginning of each week, you will have access to the entire course content for that week, and you will be able to navigate it at your own pace. Yes! That's right, we said at your own pace

During your (6) week course session, take your time and learn at your own pace. We know life gets in the way sometimes, and by allowing students to access the resources and course content ahead of time and without time pressures, it is our thinking that it should allow for more volume of quality questions to brought up at the end. 

We want Any and All questions! Don't be shy, we are here for YOU!

During each week, there will be a live, instructor led, Let's Talk! Series where we will go over all the content for the week, look at assignments that may have been turned in and the instructors will be answering your questions, in real-time.

The content from the week stays accessible to you the student for 1 year, so you will always have the opportunity to go back to prior weeks to review information or download handouts as needed. 

It is our hope that the course content will inspire you to dive into this crazy industry, and become an Essential part of any creative department. We expect you to have fun while taking the course, because even though it is packed with information and resources, you should still be enjoying every moment of it! 

All students will have until one week before course start to cancel their registration and receive a full refund (Minus applicable fees & taxes). Cancellations requested within one week of class started will not be refunded. Please see our Terms & Conditions for any questions. 

Check out a preview of the course curriculum below and check back often for the next session to begin. Follow your passion for all things Creative in the Entertainment Industry!

SketchUp for Storytellers - Level 1

This is a great sampling of the subject matter that you will experience within all of our Ambassador Course offerings.Your course may not have all the chapters shown below, or may be comprised of more chapters.

    1. How to Navigate Your Student Course Site

    2. Course Requirements & Directions

    3. Welcome to SketchUp for Storytellers - Please introduce yourself!

    4. Introduction to the Course and Overview

    5. SketchUp for Storytellers / Full Course Syllabus

    6. Overview / Q&A Section

    1. Navigation and Exploration

    2. Welcome to SketchUp

    3. The World in Two Dimensions

    4. A Measured Approach

    5. I Select You!

    6. Recorded Lecture: Let's Talk! Series / Week 1

    1. Don Carson on 3D / Assigned Viewing

    2. Spicy Hot Keys / SetUp Module

    3. Workspace SetUp / SetUp Module

    4. Untangling Rectangles / Tool Module

    5. Guiding The Way / Tool Module

    6. Setting Off / Tool Module

    7. What's in a Name? / Assignment

    8. Knock Knock / Technical Lab

    9. Who's There? / Creative Lab

    10. Videos for Reference

    11. Glossary - Week 1

    1. How'd It Go?

    2. Let's Stick Together

    3. Twinning

    4. Vertical Integration

    5. Recorded Lecture: Let's Talk! Series / Week 2

    1. Crossing T's and Dotting I's / Tool Module

    2. Make Me / Technical Lab

    3. Enter The Maze / Assignment

    4. Videos for Viewing

    1. Let's Review

    2. A Moving Performance

    3. Rotation Celebration

    4. Scaling Up

    5. Tag! You're It

    6. Recorded Lecture: Let's Talk! Series / Week 3

SketchUp for Storytellers is a class designed for new-to-modeling designers, artists, and storytellers!

  • $415.00
  • 69 lessons

Meet Your Instructor- Cameron Creath

Cameron Creath

Ambassador Instructor

Cameron is an expert SketchUp modeler currently running his own business 3D modeling for interior design firms and furniture companies. Previously working in the hospitality interior design industry Cameron has worked on designing large scale hospitality projects like the guest room redesigns at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Cameron is a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts receiving a BFA in Theatrical Scenic Design. His passion lives in all things theme park and immersive experience design. Cameron is beyond excited to be joining The Essential Art Department as a SketchUp instructor! As a previous student of TEAD he cannot wait to work with creative and eager students. He is a real geek about European theme parks!

SketchUp for Storytellers

Session starts March 20th! $415 / (6) Weeks. Limited capacity.