Inspired Vision

Join us as The Essential Art Department® inspires a professional, creative community to aspire to build upon a more defined and knowledgable Art Department.

We Are T.E.A.D.

The Essential Art Departmen® was started out of a passion and complete dedication to all things Art Department!

T.E.A.D. is committed to ensuring quality, continued educational resources that rely more on real-world work experiences and learned hands-on techniques, as well as live interaction between instructors and students. Offering insight into one of the most underrated departments in the entertainment industry, we want to bridge the gap between book learned entertainment degrees and real-world, on-set knowledge skillsets.

With continual updates to our content we can assure that we are teaching the most up-to-date and relevant coursework. Our current network of working industry art department professionals grows larger with every project, and affords us the opportunity to offer access to some of the most experienced mentors in the industry.

A student taking a T.E.A.D. course will experience concise, yet well-crafted coursework as well as a multitude of resources and guides within the program offerings, that are focused solely on details within an entertainment industry art department.

We believe our approach will instill confidence in these young professionals  as they head into the work force with a renewed sense of vigor, enlightenment and familiarity for any entertainment industry art department.