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When you choose to send T.E.A.D. your support, our teaching platform can continue to give the best, most up-to-date courses on the relevancy of the Art Department. The students will learn how to become a successful part of any industry Art Department and be able to maneuver through it with confidence!

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Your support will give the students continued opportunities to grow and develop their passion for Art Departments, as well as give them on-going access to industry networking capabilities. Outside contributions also allow us to bring in guest speakers and invited instructors, so that the students are gaining access to the most critical, up to date information, design theories and hands-on experience. 

Your business CAN play a key part in students building a solid networking foundation. 

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T.E.A.D. while teaching this coursework virtually because of the current state of the world due to the current pandemic, is hoping that in the near future, the coursework will continue with a dual approach to learning, through virtual based as well as in-person, hands-on experiential learning. 


We are currently applying for a 501(c)(3) status, as a Non-Profit organization. But as with most start-up companies, all good ventures take time to build. Our team has big plans for reaching communities far and wide, and supporting that action through an NPO status will be key to further the cause. Look for more information as we progress toward this part of the venture.

If you love The Essential Art Department® concept as much as we do, support our students, and maybe one day, the best and brightest will be walking through your doors!

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*We may call upon you to become an invited guest to speak to students about your company and its offerings.

S.A.S. ~ Support A Student

Your support will help fund a course and materials for a student. Given out as a scholarship for a student in need

S.A.S. - $300.00(+)

By choosing to Support A Student, you will be contributing to their course fee(s) and cost of course materials. Your support will remain anonymous to the students.*

*Course fee(s) and materials will vary per session based upon length of sessions and involvement of materials. An initial contribution of $300.00(+) will cover the basic costs of the Crash Course 101 Series session along with the course materials, but you may contribute more and your funds will be distributed based on student need and allocation of courses. Your contribution(s) remain anonymous but the students will have an opportunity to openly thank their sponsors.

Artists' for Art Sake

Any donation will help us support our students! Artists supporting artists is how our industry stays connected.

Artists' for Art Sake - $You Decide(+)

When you choose to support Artists' for Art sake, you will be supporting all of our budding artisans! If you are an artist or have just always wanted to be, your support will undoubtedly inspire visual greatness! Your support will remain anonymous to the students, but we will send out regular Thank You's for your contributions.*

*Your contribution(s) remain anonymous but the students will have the opportunity to openly thank all of our sponsors. Support us with any amount that you feel comfortable giving, as any support helps our students and keeps our site up and running for on-going learning!