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One-On-One Series (Portfolio/Resume) Conversations with Justin

This is a 30-minute LIVE, one-on-one session with a current Industry professional. This session is intended for students or professionals interested in the design industry and related fields, who want to get some individualized feedback and input on their current design portfolio and/or resumes. Meet with Justin, in a private session to discuss topics relating to your submissions and ask questions about industry topics. We will also delve into your personal branding and get you set out on the right path in this incredible, fast-paced Entertainment Industry!

  • Course Fee: $75 per 1/2 hour - LIVE ZOOM Session

  • Real-Time, Live Session Calendar shows appointment availabilities

  • Session Length: 1-(30) Minute, Instructor-led, live session

  • You will receive a PDF of any write-ups or notes that your instructor has for you

  • Current Industry Professional feedback

  • All skill levels and age levels are welcome!

  • Set yourself up for success and start showing off your portfolio

  • Additional session times will be added throughout the year so remember to check back often

Book with Justin! See Calendar Below!

Want to take your portfolio and/or resume to the next level?

Get individualized feedback from current Industry Professsionals!

Book a One-on-One private session with Justin, where he will be able to delve a little deeper into your individual portfolio and personal brands, and give you further individualized commentary on how to make the most OUTSTANDING portfolio that you can have!

One-on-One sessions will be held on a first-come, first-serve basis so sign up quickly to reserve your individual time slots with your instructor. Sessions are booked in 1/2 hour increments, but you may book multiple time slots if you wish. 

COST: Time Slots run $75.00 per 1/2 Hour Session   

Since graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Production Design and Themed Entertainment Design in 2015, Justin has gone on to work for some of the most creative experience design groups in themed entertainment. From Thinkwell Group, Universal Creative, and Meow Wolf, Justin's body of work spans all areas of the themed entertainment industry. Recently, Justin served as the Art Director bringing to life Meow Wolf's Convergence Station in Denver, CO and now currently works as the Sr. Art Director for ocVIBE Sports and Entertainment, designing a 90-acre next-generation entertainment complex coming to the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. So take this opportunity to have an industry professional comb over your portfolio and advise you on how to turn a GOOD portfolio into a GREAT portfolio! / ©Justin Martin

This is simply a resource that we can offer you to work One-on-One, personally with a current, Industry Production Designer.

Join our instructor, Justin Martin, in a 30-minute Live conversation session as he explains the personalized feedback of your professional design portfolio and/or resume and how your personal branding and design aesthetic should help inform it. 

This session is most beneficial for those looking to gain some insight on their individual portfolio (or rebrand their existing portfolio) in a design-related field, as there are many other roles in the entertainment industry where a different style of portfolio would be more applicable. 

COST: Time Slots run $75.00 per 1/2 Hour Session / ©Justin Martin

Tools Needed / Utilized (You Provide):   

  • Access to Zoom application  
  • PDF viewer (if you prefer to follow along outside of Zoom*)  

One-On-One Series

Student Access:

Live Webinar session link for this 1/2-hour course, will be provided within the course platform once you schedule an appointment. Once your purchase is completed you will receive your Zoom session link. During the Live session you will have access to follow along with the instructor, as they share their screen while guiding you through feedback created specifically for you! 

During the Live session you will also have an opportunity to ask your instructor questions while you are getting your individualized feedback.

How to sign up for the One-on-One Conversation...

  • Check out the available time slots calendar below. Scroll to the booking calendar, click on the desired date and session time and click CONFIRM.

  • Fill out the scheduling details, your Name and Email are required.

  • Submit a link to your current portfolio and/or resume in the space provided, or simply email your PDF or link directly to your instructor at:  [email protected] 

  • Once your purchase has been made, you will receive a confirmation email and a Zoom link which you will use during your appointment time with your instructor.

COST: Time Slots run $75.00 per 1/2 Hour Session   

Please allow a few days in advance of your appointment when sending your instructor a time so that they will have time to review your portfolio. This will be time that will be utilized to make some notes ahead of your meeting so that all the time is utilized in giving you solid advice to move your forward. 

*You may sign up for more than one slot if you would like the extra time. 

This is a ONE-on-ONE session, so it will be time for just you and your instructor, so make sure to be prepared with any and all questions ahead of time, and don't be afraid to ask anything! This is your time! Use it how you wish, but make the most out of your session! / ©Justin Martin

You will not regret spending a little extra to have professional advice that is so specialized to the design industry!

What do you get in your One-on-One conversation time?

Your instructor will review your portfolio and personal branding information ahead of time, and come up with some initial thoughts and ideas as to how to proceed with your portfolio design and setup. 

Your instructor may hit on any points from design choices, to layout, to content and as well, they will be giving their industry advice as to what makes a current portfolio outshine the others.

You will have a personal, One-on-OneLIVE Zoom session with your instructor, where they may include visual write ups about advice, corrections, additions and/or deletions. They may be able to walk you through your PDF live and also give you recommendations on any other "HOT TOPICS"  that you would like to ask of them.  

So bring your questions along for your session, and get ready to take your Design Industry Portfolio to the next step! 

Take Aways:

  • Your instructor will leave you with a downloadable visual(PDF)/markup or Word Doc version of their recommendations.
  • And your instructor may also give you even more direct resources during your One-on-One session. 
  • LIVE, One-on-One session to go over any and all comments and questions that you have about your portfolio or personal branding. 

One-On-One Available Time Slots...

Please see the chart below for the available Dates and Times. Scroll to the Booking Calendar to secure and purchase your time slot(s).

COST: Time Slots run $75.00 per 1/2 Hour Session

(Remember to attach your current portfolio or provide a link to your current portfolio with your email.)

Can't find a time that works for you? We will be adding more times throughout the year so check back often! 

Reminder / To Sign up:
  • Pick a time slot (Time slots are set up into 1/2 hour blocks)/The calendar shows what is available. Click on a highlighted date and the available times will list. 
  • You may choose multiple time slots if you feel like you would like more time (Additional costs)
  • Book your session through the booking calendar
  • Attach a current portfolio or a link to a current portfolio 
  • You will receive an confirmation email back for your purchased time slot 
  • After a successful purchase, you will receive a Zoom link to your time slot
  • Show up to your appointment, and get your ONE-on-ONE advice!
  • Email the instructor directly your portfolio or link to your portfolio also you may email your instructor at any time with questions:  [email protected]
  • Or Email us directly to:  

COST: Time Slots run $75.00 per 1/2 Hour Session
*Reminder: All time slots are (PST - Pacific Standard Time Zone)

We want you to have confidence in the skills and theories that will highlight your art department design portfolio, and be able to implement them into practice. Use these concepts to show potential employers a visually stunning portfolio, that not only sells what your skillsets offer to them, but also shows your passion for the work and makes you the best choice for employment on almost any project. 

We believe that if you show off your broad range of skillsets, in a visual, story-telling manner, that any job potential is well within your reach!

This is a single-session series course, and there are no Pre-Requisites to take this course. 

Taught by industry professionals you will be given current and up-to-date advice on your portfolio and/or resumes. Even if you just want to talk about the industry and don't want to go over anything individually, you can always sign up! We love to chat and share our stories and insight about this crazy industry with our students!


Our resident Art Department course hero, "Crash" himself will pop in from time to time to say hi and see how you are doing, tell art department antidotes and just remind you to HAVE FUN with this course! 

All students will have until one week before session start to cancel their registration and receive a full refund(-applicable fees). Cancellations requested within one week of session start will not be refunded. Please see our Terms & Conditions for any questions.

If you have any questions after you go, please don't hesitate to send an email to: [email protected] 

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