Crash Course 102

Certificate Course Online. Navigate at your own pace. This is an intensive (3) week, professinal development course and will require between 8-12 hours of additional homework and reading time outside of the weekly Live Let's Chat! sessions. Pre-Requisite course required. Limited capacity!

  • Course Fee: $255 Reg. Price / (3) Weeks / Save an extra 30% when you purchase the Series Bundle!

  • Course Starts: April 1st - April 21st, 2023 / This is Part 2 of a multi-series course

  • Course Length: 3 Weeks at your own pace with weekly check-ins through live sessions

  • Live Sessions: Held on Thursday evenings from 6:00pm - 8:00pm (PST). *Live sessions are not required and will be recorded. But participation is highly recommended, as you only get out of it what you put in to it!

  • Before you begin: Pre-Requisite required. Check out Crash Course 101 today!

  • All lessons must be marked complete and assignments submitted

  • Upon completion of Crash Course 1 & 2, you receive your Essential Art Department Certificate

  • Purchase a Crash Course Series Package and save $$$

Crash Course 102 /Pre-Sale available now! Spring Session Starts April 1st, 2023!

Part 2 - A (3) week companion course to Crash Course 101 pre-order soon! Limited Capacity! Save 30% when you purchase the series bundle. Pre-Order Now! Order early and get prepared to go in deep to all things Art Department!

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Crash Course 102

This is the companion course to Crash Course 101, and will wrap up and round out your Art Department knowledge base!

We can help guide you through one of the most industry demanding departments, the Art Department. Entertainment creation, inspiration and resources at your fingertips, taught by industry professionals passionate about their work. Now, let's get your coursework started!

Join us for a Crash Course 102  session. We want you to keep your skillsets ready to go for any art department project! Only $255 for an intensive (3) weeks of instruction and interaction. 

That is only $85 per week, for a college level course designed for young professionals, students of varied age levels or any individual just wanting to brush up on industry knowledge.  

This is your intensive (3) week Crash Course into the beginning nuances of the Art Department. This course will help familiarize you with the Art Department and how it works with others in the creation of visuals for projects. You will have access to downloadable handouts, live webinars, online classroom activities, access to network building skills and many more resources to help you navigate a rewarding career within an Art Department.

This course is NOT A DRAWING course!! It is built more upon the theory and working, hands-on skills of how to navigate an Art Department, so drawing ability is not necessary for this course. There will be a fair amount of research required and delving into your psyche about concepts and you will be producing physical homework folders based on your research, but there is no drawing ability needed for this course! Just be prepared to research concepts, cut and paste and note up folders! These types of assignments are geared to get you prepared to learn how to research and then submit your visual ideas about subjects, that you will be able to use throughout your career in any Art Department! 

This part two of a multi-series course. Pre-Requisite to continue into Part 2, Crash Course 101. Take one part or both! The choice is yours. But you don't want to miss out on the valuable insight and resources that are offered in both sessions.  

Complete both courses within the Crash Course Series and receive your certificate!  

Check out the CRASH COURSE SERIES for package discounts!

Each course will have a (3) week schedule that will be available to you week by week. At the beginning of each week, you will have access to the entire course content for that week, and you will be able to navigate it at your own pace. Yes! That's right, we said at your own pace

During your (3) week course session, take your time and learn at your own pace. We know life gets in the way sometimes, and by allowing students to access the resources and course content ahead of time and without time pressures, it is our thinking that it should allow for more volume of quality questions to brought up at the end. 

We want Any and All questions! Don't be shy, we are here for YOU!

At the end of each week, there will be a live, instructor led, Let's Talk! Series where we will go over all the content for the week, look at assignments that may have been turned in and the instructors will be answering your questions, in real-time.

The content from the week stays accessible to you the student, for the entire session of the course, so you will always have the opportunity to go back to prior weeks to review information or download handouts as needed. 

It is our hope that the course content will inspire you to dive into this crazy department, and become an Essential part of any art department. We expect you to have fun while taking the course, because even though it is packed with information and resources, you should still be enjoying every moment of it! 

Taught by industry professionals you will be given rare insight into the inner workings of some of the most famous Entertainment projects around town. And you will get to hear some amazing, funny, sad and true stories from behind the scenes as well!

Our resident Art Department Crash Course hero, "Crash" himself will pop in from time to time to say hi and see how you are doing, tell art department antidotes and just remind you to HAVE FUN with this course! 

T.E.A.D. while teaching this coursework virtually because of the current state of the world due to the current pandemic, is hoping that in the near future, the coursework will continue with a dual approach to learning, through virtual based as well as in-person, hands-on experiential learning.

All students will have until one week before course start to cancel their registration and receive a full refund. Cancellations requested within one week of class started will not be refunded. Please see our Terms & Conditions for any questions. 

Check out a preview of the course curriculum below and check back often for the next session to begin. Follow your passion for all things Art Department.

Crash Course 102 Sample Curriculum

This is a great sampling of the subject matter that you will experience within all of our Crash Course offerings.Your course may not have all the chapters shown below, or may be comprised of more chapters.

    1. How to Navigate Your Student Course Site

    1. Welcome to CC102 - Those joining Part 2, please introduce yourself!

    1. Introduction to the course continuation - Part 2

    2. Crash Course Series / Full Course Syllabus

    3. Overview / Q&A Section

    1. Lecture: Introduction Week 4 / Themed Entertainment 101 Outline

    2. Week 4: Themed Entertainment 101 / Q&A Section

    3. What is Themed Entertainment / Immersive Experiences?

    4. The Guest Experience

    5. Understanding Location-Specific Regulations

    6. The Presentation and Idea Folder: An Art Director's Recommendation (Just as a Reminder)

    7. Lab Overview: Guest Experience Research Project Assignment

    8. Lab: Guest Experience Research Project Assignment Upload

    9. Ins & Outs of Themed Entertainment Quiz

    10. Themed Entertainment Organizations & Resources

    11. Downloadable Handouts for Week 4 All In One Place

    12. Live Session: Themed Entertainment 101 / Let's Talk! Series / Wrap Up Week 4 / Thurs., April 6th

    13. Recorded Lecture: Themed Entertainment 101 / Let's Talk! Series / Wrap Up Week 4

    1. Media Lecture: Introduction into Week 5 / Crew Call 101

    2. Week 5: Crew Call 101 / Q&A Section

    3. Show Prep to Wrap Up / A Quick Synopsis

    4. Audio Lecture: Filling Out Forms

    5. Filling Out Forms / Resources and Guides / IRS

    6. IRS Forms Downloads

    7. Filling Out Forms / Resources and Guides / Box Kit Rental Forms

    8. Filling Out Forms / Resources and Guides / PC-Petty Cash

    9. Filling Out Forms / Resources and Guides / Misc Work Forms

    10. Job Forms/ Miscellaneous TidBits to Talk About

    11. Job Form Quiz

    12. Audio Lecture: Job Rates / The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    13. What is an Art Department Kit?

    14. How to pull that Art Department Kit all together!

    15. Sample Expendable Store Resource List

    16. Essential Chat! Talking about Budgeting Basics

    17. Lab Overview: Budgeting a Project Assignment

    18. Lab: Budgeting a Project Assignment Upload

    19. Establishing and Following Timelines

    20. Wrap Books or Wrap Binders in the Art Department

    21. Downloadable Handouts for Week 5 All In One Place

    22. Live Session: Crew Call 101 / Let's Talk! Series / Wrap Up Week 5 / Thurs., April 13th

    23. Recorded Lecture: Crew Call 101 / Let's Talk! Series / Wrap Up Week 5

    1. Media Lecture: Introduction into Week 6 / Now What?

    2. Week 6:Now What? / Q&A Section

    3. What Skillsets and Training are important to have?

    4. Where do you go from here?

    5. Networking Makes the World Go 'Round!

    6. Essential Chat! Guest Guidance

    7. Sample Job Resources / Directories

    8. Sample Resumes / CV's and Portfolio Links

    9. Organization & Outreach Resources

    10. Lab: Your Professional Resume Upload

    11. Lab: Your Professional Portfolio Link Upload

    12. Your Chance To Add Products to your On-set Art kit!

    13. Downloadable Handouts for Week 6 All In One Place

    14. Live Session: Now What? 101 / Let's Talk! Series / Wrap Up Week 6 /Thurs., April 20th

    15. Recorded Lecture: Now What? / Let's Talk! Series / Wrap Up Week 6

About this course

  • $255.00
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  • 6.5 hours of video content

Crash Course 102 / Pre-Sale available now!

Session starts April 1st, 2023! $255 / (3) Weeks Limited capacity.