CC101/2-2023 Scholarship

APPLY HERE: CC101 Scholarship Application 2023.docx

Fill out the application in its entirety, sign, date and email back to us at: [email protected]

*You may also email us with any questions regarding your application or application status. 

Please read the details below on applying for scholarships.

Any student that needs assistance with course fee(s) and course materials, can apply for a need base scholarship. 

Scholarships are supported by anonymous donors and may cover the cost of course(s) as well as any needed materials for those course(s). 

Scholarships that are available will be posted periodically, but may not be available for every session, so check back often. 

Students can apply for scholarships as often as they would like, but they may only be granted scholarships for up to (2) course sessions per year. 

Applying students will be asked to fill out a questionnaire explaining their need and why they are excited to attend an Essential Art Department course.

Students will be notified prior to the beginning of the course of their award. 

If a student has already paid for a course and is then awarded a scholarship, all course fees will be refunded to the student's account prior to the start of the course session.

Awarded students will have the opportunity to thank their anonymous supporters.