Crash Course Series 101-102

A 30% SAVINGS when you purchase your courses together! (6) weeks in TOTAL, of intensive, professional development course work, with a (1) week break in-between sessions to allow you time to maneuver through the course content. Work through Crash Course 101 for (3) weeks, then move into Crash Course 102 with us for the final (3) weeks. Upon successful completion of both courses and all required coursework, earn your Essential Art Department certificate! Successful completion of the course series, also comes with acknowledgement on our Essential Ready! crew board, where industry recruiters will have an opportunity to view your credentials for possible placement in industry Art Departments! Here are the courses that are included in your multi-series savings package.

Crash Course Series 101-102 / Fall Session / Course Closed! More Soon!

Buy together and save on your experience! (6) weeks for $315, that's only $52.50 per week to experience a college level course, geared toward those with a passion for all things Art Department! Limited capacity. Fall in Session Now! Starts in September 2022!