Essential Up! Series / Design Portfolio Fundamentals / Course Opening Soon! Spring 2023 / Check Back for Specific Date!

This is a single-session, 90-minute LIVE tutorial. This session is intended for students interested in the design industry and related fields, who want to learn about the fundamental components that go into a strong visual, design portfolio and how to incorporate personal branding. Course is currently closed. Check back soon for another course offering!

  • Course Fee: $40 / LIVE ZOOM Tutorial Session

  • Course Session: Spring 2023 / Time to be announced soon (PST)

  • Course Length: 1-(90) Minute, Instructor-led, live session / (1-1/2) hours total for course completion

  • Limited capacity! Save your spots with Pre-Order!

  • All skill levels welcome! Some familiarity with PowerPoint helps but a PDF will also be available to follow along with the Instructor

  • Downloadable PDF Course Presentation, Personal Brand Questionnaire & Course Syllabus

  • All lessons must be marked complete for successful course completion

  • Upon completion of course, you will receive your Essential Art Department Essential Up! Series Certificate

  • An Essential Up! Add-On will be available upon completion of the course. You will have the opportunity to sign up for additional One-On-One portfolio support with Daniel / Added Fees will Apply

Design Portfolio Fundamentals / Course Opening Soon! Spring 2023!

Our Essential Up! Series course is open soon! Limited capacity. Course session date: Time to be announced soon (PST)

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Design Portfolio Fundamentals

Full Course Overview

Join our guest instructor, Daniel Grodecki, in this one-part / 90-minute session as he explains the do’s-and-don’ts of professional design portfolio creation and how your personal branding and design aesthetic should help inform it. 

This session is most beneficial for those looking to create a portfolio (or rebrand their existing portfolio) in a design-related field, as there are many other roles in the entertainment industry where a different style of portfolio would be more applicable. 

We will cover a wide range of trends in design portfolios and help start you off on the right foot to help your portfolio stand out. 

©Daniel Grodecki /

This session will not be a follow-along type course where you build your portfolio in-the-moment, but there will be an add-on option to review your portfolio one-on-one with Daniel after you have had time to implement the resources learned in this session. 

There will be time allotted at the end of the session for general questions.

Tools Needed / Utilized (You Provide):   

  • Access to Zoom application  
  • PDF viewer (if you prefer to follow along outside of Zoom*)  

Templates Provided for you (designed specifically for this course):  
  • Design Portfolio Fundamentals Presentation (Downloadable PDF)
  • Personal Brand Questionnaire (Downloadable PDF)
  • Design Portfolio Fundamentals Course Syllabus (Downloadable PDF)

*You can always download the PDF version and follow along with any PDF viewer.

Design Portfolio Fundamentals

Student Outcomes: 

Students will learn the basic components required in a design portfolio. 

By the end of the session they should be able to construct their own portfolio, following the guidelines outlined in the course. 

Students will also have clear guidance on how to create their personal brand and how to utilize that in creating their portfolio.

©Daniel Grodecki /

Design Portfolio Fundamentals

Student Access:

Live Webinar session link for this 1-1/2-hour course, will be provided within the course platform. During the Live session you will have access to follow along with the instructor, as they share their screen while guiding you through a PowerPoint presentation created specifically for this course! 

During the Live session you will also have an opportunity to ask your instructor questions during their specified question and answer time. 

Access to the Design Portfolio Fundamental PDF downloadable template, as well as the "Personal Brand Questionnaire," created specifically for this course.

  • You will have access to the learning platform a few days before the LIVE event session, so that you can get familiar with the platform and download your materials ahead of time!

We want you to have confidence in the skills and theories that will highlight your art department design portfolio, and be able to implement them into practice. Use these concepts to show potential employers a visually stunning portfolio, that not only sells what your skillsets offer to them, but also shows your passion for the work and makes you the best choice for employment on almost any project. 

We believe that if you show off your broad range of skillsets, in a visual, story-telling manner, that any job potential is well within your reach!

This is a single-session series course, and there are no Pre-Requisites to take this course. 

Complete the course within the Essential Up! Series and receive your certificate!  

Taught by industry professionals you will be given rare insight into the inner workings of some of the most famous Entertainment projects around town. And you will get to hear some amazing, funny, sad and true stories from behind the scenes as well!


Our resident Art Department course hero, "Crash" himself will pop in from time to time to say hi and see how you are doing, tell art department antidotes and just remind you to HAVE FUN with this course! 

All students will have until one week before course start to cancel their registration and receive a full refund. Cancellations requested within one week of class started will not be refunded. Please see our Terms & Conditions for any questions.

Check out a preview of the course curriculum below and check back often for another cool Essential Up! series course to be offered. Follow your passion for all things Art Department.

Essential Up! Series Sample Curriculum

This is a sampling of the subject matter that you will experience within all of our Essential Up! Series offerings.Your course may not have all the chapters shown below, or may be comprised of more chapters.

    1. How to Navigate Your Student Course Platform

    2. A Message From Your Instructor!

    1. Overview: Design Portfolio Fundamentals / v1.0

    2. Design Portfolio Fundamentals - Downloadable Templates

    3. ADD-ON / One-On-One Portfolio Conversations with Danny

    1. Final Thoughts and What to Expect from Here

    2. Even More Resource Recommendations from Danny...

    3. Course Experience Survey...

About this course

  • $40.00
  • 8 lessons

Design Portfolio Fundamentals / Course Open Soon!

Essential Up! Series Course / LIVE Event Session: Date TBD / Spring 2023 / Limited capacity. Remember that when you sign up for the Design Portfolio Fundamentals course, you will have the opportunity to add One-on-One sessions, where your instructor will be able to give you personalized portfolio and branding advice! Look for the Add-On details when you sign up for the course!